Once the home to the Osage, we are blessed to be nestled between the Polk Bayou and the Pure White River. For centuries, people have been drawn here for the richness of the land, and the richness of the life it affords.

We are the oldest existing city in Arkansas, and that history grounds us with the stories of generations, stories that entertained along the loafers wall and spit corner, and stories that are celebrated today in Old Independence Regional Museum, and in the historic homes of downtown.

We are the gateway to the Ozarks, the stunning place where the flat lands of the Delta take off into the mountains, making our historic downtown the perfect complement to the rich natural surroundings.

We are the doorway to the future, where quality education, excellent healthcare, a talented workforce, and determined leadership guides us towards the community that we will become.

From the White River Water Carnival to the Ozark Foothills Filmfest and the Scottish Festival. We are Batesville, Arkansas an elevated experience.